PQ Gym

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PQ Gym Audio: 15 min

Listen to audio from the PQ Gym, one of the many research-based tools available in ...
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PQ Gym Audio: 5 min

Listen to audio from the PQ Gym, one of the many research-based tools available in ...


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TEDx Stanford

Shirzad shows how to shift your mind from self-sabotage to optimal performance using simple and proven neuroscience-based techniques.
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Authors at Google

Shirzad reveals CEO-tested techniques for developing mastery over your own mind, the greatest determinant for achieving professional success and happiness.


Mental Fitness: The secret ingredient of successful DEIA initiatives

Unconscious bias often hinders the aims of well-intentioned DEIA initiatives. Mental fitness training can create a culture shift for DEIA success.

The Neuroscience of Positive Intelligence

Positive Intelligence provides a neuroscience-based approach to mental fitness. This whitepaper both updates and expands on the original neuroscience foundation of Positive Intelligence, based on the latest findings in this fast-evolving field.

Research Foundation for Positive Intelligence Assessments

This whitepaper includes an exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis to confirm reliability of the Saboteur Assessments and underlying factors. Also includes analysis of factor validity and test score reliability for the PQ Assessment.


Saboteur Assessment

Saboteur Assessment

Knowing your top Saboteurs - the part of you mind doing you the most damage - is the first step to reducing the harm they cause.
PQ Score Assessment

PQ® Score Assessment

Discover your PQ® Score, the measure of your mental fitness. Based on Shirzad Chamine's New York Times bestselling book and Stanford lectures.