PQ®️ Gym

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PQ Gym Audio: 15 min

Build up new muscles (neural pathways) in your brain with this 15-minute guided session.
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PQ Gym Audio: 5 min

Build up new muscles (neural pathways) in your brain with this 5-minute guided session.


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TEDx Stanford

Shirzad shows how to shift your mind from self-sabotage to optimal performance using simple and proven neuroscience-based techniques.
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Authors at Google

Shirzad reveals CEO-tested techniques for developing mastery over your own mind, the greatest determinant for achieving professional success and happiness.

Case Studies

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Case Study: Transforming Organizational Mindset & Change Management at Ascential

Ascential’s global team is building mental fitness through the PQ Program, improving change management, team dynamics, and resilience.
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Case Study: Driving Employee Development at Turo

Turo’s strategic decision to partner with Positive Intelligence fosters a more engaged, resilient, and agile workforce poised for continued expansion.
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Case Study: Sparking a Mental Fitness Movement

Positive Intelligence partnered with a Fortune 100 technology company to launch a global employee wellness program to improve employee wellbeing.

Case Study: Boosting Sales Productivity

More than 500 sales executives and managers participated in a program to develop emotional intelligence in sales leaders, enabling transformational growth.

Case Study: Increasing Revenue per Seller

Sales leaders at L'Oréal participated in an initiative to test the impact of emotional intelligence (EQ) competencies on sales revenue.

Case Study: Reducing Stress in Sales

Sales leaders within a global social media company participated in the Positive Intelligence Program to improve performance and manage stress better.

Case Study: Building a Mental Fitness Habit in Healthcare

A U.S.-based health and wellness company chose to participate in the Positive Intelligence (PQ) Program to build resilience within its workforce. 

Case Study: Shifting Energy in Tech

After participating in a mental fitness webinar, members of the finance department at a global 100 technology company continued their mental fitness journey through the PQ Program.

E-Books & Guides

Comprehensive Guide to Wellness at Work

Comprehensive Guide to Wellness at Work

Learn how to unite employees in a culture of wellness at work to boost engagement, beat burnout, and increase performance.
Comprehensive Guide to Wellness at Work

Your Employees Are Not Okay: The Current Impact of Poor Mental Health in the Workplace

Poor mental health in the workplace is taking a toll on productivity and performance — with mental fitness, organizations can ignite positive change.

White Papers

PQ-Powered Teams

Mental Fitness for Change Management

A mental fitness training program can help your organization overcome invisible barriers and engage employee mindset for successful change management.

Emotional Intelligence at Work

Discover the neuroscience behind emotional intelligence. Then, learn how to improve your EQ to unleash your most profound potential as a human, at home and in the workplace.

Mental Fitness: The secret ingredient of successful DEIA initiatives

Unconscious bias often hinders the aims of well-intentioned DEIA initiatives. Mental fitness training can create a culture shift for DEIA success.

The Neuroscience of Positive Intelligence

This white paper both updates and expands on the original neuroscience foundation of Positive Intelligence, based on the latest findings in this fast-evolving field.

Research Foundation for Positive Intelligence Assessments

This white paper includes an exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis to confirm reliability of the Saboteur Assessments and underlying factors. Also includes analysis of factor validity and test score reliability for the PQ Assessment.


Saboteur Assessment

Saboteur Assessment

Knowing your top Saboteurs - the part of you mind doing you the most damage - is the first step to reducing the harm they cause.
PQ Score Assessment

PQ Score Assessment

Discover your PQ Score, the measure of your mental fitness. Based on Shirzad Chamine's New York Times bestselling book and Stanford lectures.