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Positive Intelligence® provides a mental fitness program for Ascential’s global workforce

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Ascential is a leading provider of insights and data solutions across marketing, advertising, sales, and design segments. In early 2022, the global business landscape and the need for effective change management sparked Ascential’s initiative to shift its organizational mindset.

One hundred members of Ascential’s global team began building mental fitness and resilience through the PQ Program. Today, Ascential’s steadfast commitment to the program continues to yield positive results.

Ascential’s decision to integrate the PQ Program into its organizational framework was spurred by a desire to enhance change management, a critical requirement as Ascential undergoes frequent shifts, including acquisitions across multiple sectors.

“We have a very well-defined set of values and behaviors,” says Sean Harley, former CIO of Ascential. “But in the situation we found ourselves in with a mix of people, we needed them to come together and speak a similar language, think in a similar fashion, and also challenge themselves in terms of how they approach situations to give them a new way of working and a new way of thinking.”


PQ Program Impact Among Ascential Participants



manage stress better



strengthened their emotional intelligence



use mental and emotional energy more effectively

Key Outcomes & Impacts

Through the PQ Program, Ascential employees are embracing a more positive outlook, navigating challenges effectively, and developing greater mental resilience.

“I see changes in individuals and changes in teams, all for the better. I have positive feedback from a number of people on the program in terms of how it helped them individually and then in their professional capacity and their team,” shares Harley. “What I can say very confidently is our behaviors are different in a more positive fashion.”

The PQ Program’s emphasis on openness, transparency, and equal participation across all levels of the organization improves collaboration and trust. The program creates a shared language among teams, creating greater alignment toward common goals.

Ascential leaders say the PQ Program fortifies the organization’s resilience in the face of change, fosters personal and professional growth among individuals, and improves team dynamics.

Enhanced Mental Resilience

Participants increase their ability to manage stress and use mental and emotional energy more effectively.

Change Management Success

The PQ Program provides employees with a set of tools to mitigate resistance to change and embrace a collective vision for success.

Cultural Transformation

Participants learn a shared language and a structured approach to handling challenges more effectively, fostering a culture of continuous growth.

Positive Team Dynamics

The follow-on program, PQ-Powered Teams, builds a more supportive and inclusive work environment based on trust, mutual accountability, and healthy conflict.

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The PQ Program helps individuals and teams build mental fitness to achieve peak performance and wellbeing.

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Mutual Accountability

Context & Challenges

Ascential’s mission is to enable organizations to make better decisions across various segments. With the organization’s growth through acquisitions and organic expansion, coupled with changing work models, Ascential sought an employee development program that would drive effective teamwork and help employees adapt to new ways of working.

“One of the reasons we brought Positive Intelligence on board is to change our approach because if you don’t change anything, nothing changes, says Mark McCulloch, VP of Sales and Marketing Technology. “We got people to open up and rethink how they approach work. The change curve that we’ve been through, especially over the last couple of years, has been significant. I think it would have resulted in more mistakes without the PQ Program.”

Engaging With the PQ Program


Recognizing the need to increase mental resilience and strengthen its teams, Ascential turned to the PQ Program. The program offers an innovative approach, moving away from traditional training methods to a more interactive and personalized format. The program’s mix of app-driven activities, virtual interactions, and community support resonates with employees, fostering a culture of continuous learning and personal growth.

“The Positive Intelligence Program bought an innovative way to engage with our staff effectively. It wasn’t the traditional let’s all sit and listen to PowerPoints, take away a few pieces, and try and execute them. It worked in a more coaching and mentoring fashion. The app drove a certain set of activities as well with individuals,” shares Harley.

Transforming Team Dynamics

After completing the foundational PQ Program, Ascential opted into PQ-Powered Teams to further enhance its team dynamics.

PQ-Powered Teams fosters openness, transparency, and equality within Ascential’s teams, regardless of roles. This environment of mutual respect and active participation allows team members to freely share opinions, receive feedback, and collaborate more effectively. This leads to a significant increase in trust among team members, fundamentally altering how they approach teamwork, according to Harley.

“It isn’t a one-off training course for two days that you go on, and you come back and put in your back pocket. You actually live and breathe it, and it changes your behaviors because you’re doing it for 16 weeks,” says Harley.

PQ Program Components for Organizations



Positive Intelligence delivers a mental fitness program to help individuals and organizations achieve their full potential for performance and happiness.

The PQ Program is simple to promote, implement, and scale with the help of the dedicated PQ Client Success Team.

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    PQ Program

    • Introduces participants to the key concepts of Positive Intelligence
    • Focuses on developing mental resilience, self-awareness, and emotional wellbeing
    • Equips participants with practical tools to manage stress and enhance performance

    PQ-Powered Teams

    • Builds on the PQ Program to enhance team dynamics
    • Provides a common language and framework for effective communication
    • Encourages collaboration, trust-building, and mutual accountability within teams


    • Deepens the application of PQ Program principles
    • Offers advanced tools and strategies for continued personal and professional growth
    • Reinforces the program’s impact on individual wellbeing and organizational culture

A Culture of Resilience & Growth

Ascential’s experience with the PQ Program exemplifies the program’s power to change mindsets, transform organizational culture, and support leadership in driving organizational success. By investing in its employees’ personal and professional growth, Ascential not only addresses the immediate needs of change but also positions itself as an industry leader committed to sustained employee wellbeing and performance. The PQ Program is a transformative tool for organizations seeking to thrive in an ever-changing business landscape.

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