Less than 58% of salespeople hit their targets*

Fear, anxiety, self-doubt, frustration, and discouragement are sabotaging sales success. Discover PQ-Powered Sales, the 15-minutes-per-day sales mental fitness program. PQ-Powered Sales stops self-sabotage and improves emotional intelligence so every seller can achieve peak performance and wellbeing.

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Discover Your Saboteurs

High-performing sales teams, made better by Positive Intelligence®

Sales success requires three essential elements:

  • Intelligence quotient (IQ)
  • Execution quotient (XQ)
  • Emotional intelligence quotient (EQ)

EQ is the accelerator that will optimize your revenue potential. PQ-Powered Sales boosts EQ and fosters a growth mindset for optimal sales performance.

EQ Through PQ Results*

In PQ-Powered Sales, sellers build three mental fitness muscles that they exercise daily in two- to three-minute intervals. Sellers learn to intercept negative thought patterns and activate the self-command center of the brain.

*Independently verified by ROI institute



increase in sales revenue per sales executive



increase in deal size within 18 months



decrease in sales cycle length

Positive Intelligence is currently being used by hundreds of teams across leading, global organizations.
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Strengthen the Three Pillars of Sales Mastery

The PQ-Powered Sales Program uses three pillars to develop emotionally intelligent sales teams, capable of transforming challenges into positive results, individually and collectively.

Power Sales Performance With Mental Fitness

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