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What Is Stress Costing Your Organization?

Work-related stress is at an all-time high. And the resulting disengagement and burnout are severe challenges for employees and organizations. Heavy workloads, constant connectivity, and mental health challenges are taking a toll on your organization. And you’re not alone — employees are experiencing similar challenges across the world.

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Disengagement and Burnout Are on the Rise Across the Global Workforce

  • An estimated 12 billion working days are lost every year globally to depression and anxiety, at a cost of $1 trillion per year in lost productivity.¹

  • Worldwide, one in four employees say they’re experiencing symptoms of burnout — but in Asia, the figure is even higher — nearing one in three.²

  • In the U.S., 81% of workers say employers’ support for mental health will be an important consideration when seeking future work

  • One-third (32%) of U.S. employees report feeling engaged with their work, the first decline in a decade, and 17% say they are actively disengaged.⁴


Peak Performance and Optimal Wellbeing Start With Positive Intelligence

As an HR leader, you know your organization’s most valuable asset is its people. And you play a pivotal role in implementing strategies and programs that support employee performance and wellbeing.

As you balance the needs of the company with the needs of employees to ensure long-term success, we’re here to help.

Welcome to Positive Intelligence, the leading mental fitness training program for individuals and organizations. The Positive Intelligence (PQ) Program is a proven neuroscience-based approach to mental fitness. It helps individuals and teams to intercept sabotaging thought patterns and generate a positive mindset. Positive Intelligence provides tools to help professionals achieve peak performance and wellbeing with applied mental fitness training.

Positive Intelligence Boosts Performance and Wellbeing Among Participants*

*Based on survey results from cohort of >2000 Positive Intelligence Program participants after six weeks of mental fitness training



experience EQ growth



are better at teamwork and collaboration



manage stress better



use mental and emotional energy more effectively



increase happiness



are better at conflict management

The Comprehensive Guide to Wellness at Work

The best-laid wellness programs often fail because they’re missing one foundational piece: a culture of engaged employees ready to shift their mindset, personally and as a team.

Learning to intercept sabotaging thought patterns and generate a positive mindset is fundamental to wellness at work. By leveraging mental fitness tools, you can unite employees in a culture of positivity. In turn, your organization will realize the true ROI of your entire menu of workplace wellness and L&D offerings.

Read the Comprehensive Guide to Wellness at Work to learn how.

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Positive Intelligence Helps Organizations to Do More and Be Well

Being mentally fit is crucial to success in today’s dynamic and fast-paced workplace.

When you are physically fit, you can climb a steep hill with little physical stress. The same is true for mental fitness. When you’re mentally fit, you can navigate life’s challenges with less stress and conflict.

Employees with high levels of mental fitness are better able to moderate the impact of negative emotions and, as a result, are less vulnerable to stress, disengagement, and burnout.


The Cost of Doing Nothing to Improve Employee Wellbeing

Employee disengagement is a costly problem within organizations. An actively disengaged employee costs their organization around 34% of their annual salary per year.³ 

Employee turnover can also wreak havoc on the bottom line. It costs an organization around 400% of a high-level employee’s annual salary to replace them.

The good news is that investing in mental fitness training improves engagement and reduces turnover. Mental fitness training helps employees to

  • Maximize other employee benefits
  • Boost productivity and performance
  • Minimize stress and prevent burnout
  • Improve resilience, engagement, and morale
  • Enhance teamwork, collaboration, and conflict management
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Boost the ROI of Future L&D Investments

Mental fitness training establishes a collective growth mindset across your organization that improves performance and wellbeing. The PQ Program complements and enhances your organization’s future investments in leadership development, DEI, individual coaching, and wellness programs.

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Develop Mental Fitness to Drive Your Organization Forward

The PQ Program represents a breakthrough in the ability to raise mental fitness and emotional intelligence (EQ) across an organization. Our factor analysis research dramatically simplifies the process of building EQ by identifying the root-level building blocks of EQ. Participants in the PQ Program automatically develop 17 out of 18 EQ competencies by intercepting negative thought patterns and activating the self-command center of the brain.

Strengthening these habit-forming muscles leads to lasting positive change for program participants*

*Percent of participants reporting improvement after only six weeks of Positive Intelligence Program



experience EQ growth



improve conflict management competency



improve service orientation competency



improve change catalyst competency



improve influence competency

Employees who strengthen these EQ competencies through mental fitness training are better able to handle the challenges that come their way.

No Other Solution Covers the Depth of Positive Intelligence

Positive Intelligence delivers mental fitness training to help organizations achieve their full potential for performance, wellbeing, and happiness. 

The PQ Program uses an app to systematically build the foundational pillars of mental fitness over seven weeks, forming lasting new mental habits.

  • Invest a minimal amount of time each day; no need to deprioritize commitments
  • Complete the program virtually.
  • Identify the root causes of resistance to change
  • Share learnings; family members have access to the app.
  • Apply the principles of a positive mindset across all areas of life.
  • Maximize the ROI of future training investments.

How Positive Intelligence Works

The PQ Program helps you build new mental muscles that intercept negative thoughts and activate your positive reflexes. By shifting the balance of power in your mind, you’ll experience an increase in energy, focus, and peace of mind.

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