How the PQ Program Works

Positive Intelligence® (PQ) is a mental fitness platform based on the science of positivity. Through 15 minutes a day of app-guided practice, the PQ Program delivers mental fitness training to help professionals and teams achieve their full potential for performance and happiness.

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The PQ Program helps you build new mental muscles that intercept negative thoughts and activate your positive reflexes. By shifting the balance of power in your mind, you’ll experience an increase in energy, focus, and peace of mind.

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Discover the Saboteurs that are hurting performance and wellbeing. Then build new positive neural pathways to stop them.

Saboteurs are the voices in your head that generate negative emotions and impact the way you handle challenges. They represent automated patterns in your mind for how to think, feel and respond. They cause all of your stress, anxiety, self-doubt, frustration, restlessness and unhappiness. They sabotage your performance, wellbeing and relationships.

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The Three Muscles of Mental Fitness

To conquer your Saboteurs, you need to build and exercise three mental muscles. 

  • Saboteur Interceptor Muscle


    If you’re in negative emotion for more than a few seconds, you’re in Saboteur mode. Label your thoughts and emotions in that moment as Saboteur and then let them go. Once you know your Saboteurs, you can begin to discredit their lies and limiting beliefs.

  • Self-Command Muscle

    Self-Command Muscle


    Performing 10-second PQ Reps is a powerful way to command your mind to quiet the region where your Saboteurs live. This activates the region where your Sage powers live. Every time you intercept your Saboteurs, do a few PQ Reps in order to pause and choose a Sage response.

  • Sage Muscle

    Sage Muscle


    Your Sage is the part of your brain that handles challenges with a clear and calm mind and positive emotions. It uses the five primary powers of Empathize, Explore, Innovate, Navigate, and Activate. Once you’ve activated your Sage brain through PQ Reps, you’ll have access to these powers.

The Neuroscience of Positive Intelligence

Positive Intelligence provides a neuroscience-based approach to mental fitness. Our factor analysis research has revealed the foundational root-level enablers and disablers of optimal performance and wellbeing. The Positive Intelligence program allows you to rewire the brain at the root level to form lasting new habits.

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Positive neural pathways in the brain

The Staying Power of Positive Intelligence

Positive Intelligence is different from workshops, books, and other coaching programs that may inspire temporary, but not lasting change. While some of these resources and programs do provide short-term benefits, they don’t offer the depth and breadth of material, proven practices, and staying power to ensure organizational transformation. The Positive Intelligence program creates lasting change with its three-prong approach to improvement.

Treat the root-level cause of negative thought patterns, not the symptoms.

Build mental muscles and establish a daily habit of mental fitness practice.

Provide a common operating system for personal and professional development to radically simplify coaching, training, and practice.

How Positive Intelligence Supports Your Organization


Track progress and set goals with the easy-to-use Positive Intelligence Quotient (PQ) Score Assessment.

Identify the Saboteurs that are impacting your happiness.


Connect with a community of professionals and team members for support and motivation.

Friends and family access to foster personal relationship building.

Library of resources

Access a library of resources, including mindfulness exercises, to help you manage stress, avoid burnout and improve your overall wellbeing.

Daily check-ins

Perform daily, app-guided check-ins to track your mental wellbeing and identify areas for improvement.

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Just 15 minutes a day of app-guided practice based on proven neurological science can create lasting improvement in your team’s performance, wellbeing and relationships.

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