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Empower Your Organization to Maximize Performance and Wellbeing

As a business leader, you and your team face growing challenges in today’s demanding business landscape: increased competition, market volatility, constant connectedness, changing priorities, and the potential for burnout, to name a few. These obstacles require a new approach to leadership and individual development that empowers your team to maximize performance and wellbeing.

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Leadership Teams Face Growing Challenges in Today’s Transforming World

  • Only 23% of global organizations say their leaders have the capabilities to navigate a disrupted world.¹

  • 39% of global tech leaders report leaving their jobs for better career prospects and training. 22% say they are leaving for more flexibility and work-life balance.²

  • Globally, disengaged workplace personnel cost $7.8 trillion in lost productivity. That’s equal to 11% of global GDP.³

  • A mere one-third (1/3) of the entire working population in the U.S. report feeling engaged with their work. This is the first decline in over 10 years, with 17% stating they are actively disengaged.⁴


Organizational Success Starts With Positive Intelligence

The dynamic and evolving modern workplace demands an agile, innovative, and highly effective workforce.

As a member of the leadership team, you acknowledge that the most valuable asset of your organization is its people. Yet, a delicate balance exists between managing growth and the bottom-line, while nurturing the well-being of your team to sustain long-term performance.

We’re here to help!

Welcome to Positive Intelligence, the leading mental fitness training program for the modern workplace. Helping professionals and their teams achieve their full potential for performance and happiness, through 15 minutes a day of app-guided practice. Helping every member of your team intercept sabotaging thought patterns and generate a positive mindset to achieve peak performance and wellbeing.

Positive Intelligence Boosts Performance and Wellbeing Among Participants*

*Based on survey results from cohort of >2000 Positive Intelligence Program participants after six weeks of mental fitness training



experience EQ growth



are better at teamwork and collaboration



manage stress better



use mental and emotional energy more effectively



increase happiness



are better at conflict management

Drive Bottom-Line Impact With Mental Fitness Training

When you are physically fit, you can climb a steep hill with little physical stress. The same is true for mental fitness. When you’re mentally fit, you can navigate life’s challenges with less stress and conflict.

Teams with high levels of mental fitness are better able to moderate the impact of negative emotions and, as a result, are less vulnerable to stress, disengagement, and burnout. Positive Intelligence is your partner in creating a mental fitness training program with lasting, measurable results.

Develop Critical Skills for Boosting Performance and Wellbeing

The PQ Program for mental fitness helps business leaders and teams develop critical skills to boost performance, maintain wellbeing, and improve the business bottom line.

The Cost of Doing Nothing to Develop Mental Fitness

Employee disengagement is a costly problem within organizations. An actively disengaged employee costs their organization around 34% of their annual salary per year.⁴ 

Employee turnover can also wreak havoc on the bottom line. It costs an organization around 400% of a high-level employee’s annual salary to replace them.⁵

The good news is that investing in mental fitness training improves employee happiness, engagement, and productivity. Additionally, mental fitness training establishes a collective growth mindset across your organization, boosting the ROI of all future training and development initiatives, including leadership development, DEI, individual coaching, and wellness programs.

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Develop Mental Fitness to Drive Your Organization Forward

Why is mental fitness so important for employee performance and wellbeing?

When you develop mental fitness, you also raise your emotional intelligence (EQ). As a result, you become more resilient and better equipped to handle stress, adapt to change, and maintain focus and clarity, even in challenging situations. Mental fitness improves decision-making, enhances problem-solving abilities, and increases performance.

Additionally, mental fitness training helps you and your team build stronger relationships, communicate more effectively, and break down silos to improve collaboration. The result is a positive work environment where individuals thrive and feel valued.

Positive Intelligence’s factor analysis research dramatically simplifies the process of building EQ by identifying the root-level building blocks of EQ. In the PQ Program, 17 out of 18 EQ competencies are automatically developed through intercepting negative thought patterns and activating the self-command center of the brain.

Strengthening these habit-forming muscles leads to lasting positive change for program participants*

*Percent of participants reporting improvement after only six weeks of Positive Intelligence Program



experience EQ growth



improve conflict management competency



improve service orientation competency



improve change catalyst competency



improve influence competency

With the PQ Progam, you and your team gain powerful skills

  • Communicate directly and often to increase transparency
  • Increase collaboration among team members by promoting a sense of unity and connection
  • Lead and motivate others to success
  • Persuade and influence others, including those resistant to change
  • Build trusting relationships and exemplify core organizational values
  • Manage stress to increase productivity and wellbeing

No Other Solution Covers the Depth of Positive Intelligence

Positive Intelligence delivers mental fitness training to help organizations achieve their full potential for performance, wellbeing, and happiness. 

The PQ Program uses an app to systematically build the foundational pillars of mental fitness, forming lasting new mental habits.

  • Invest a minimal amount of time each day; no need to deprioritize commitments
  • Complete the program virtually.
  • Identify the root causes of resistance to change
  • Share learnings;  family members have access to the app.
  • Apply the principles of a positive mindset across all areas of life.
  • Maximize the ROI of future training investments.

How Positive Intelligence Works

The PQ Program helps you build new mental muscles that intercept negative thoughts and activate your positive reflexes. By shifting the balance of power in your mind, you’ll experience an increase in energy, focus, and peace of mind.

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Just 15 minutes a day of app-guided practice based on proven neurological science can create lasting improvement in your team’s performance, wellbeing and relationships.

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