Stress-Free Peak Performance for Teams

Strengthen team commitment, trust, accountability, and conflict management with a mental fitness program designed to improve team performance and wellbeing

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PQ-Powered Teams

Sustain High-Performing Teams

Imagine the impact if every team in your organization becomes positively self-directed, optimizing both productivity and wellness.

A follow-on to the foundational PQ Program, PQ-Powered Teams is a proven, neuroscience-based program designed to support teams working toward shared goals. With PQ-Powered Teams, you’ll enhance performance, communication, and collaboration by improving the team’s collective mental fitness.


The 4 Pillars of High-Performing Teams

PQ-Powered Teams not only strengthens individual performance but also improves productivity across your organization. Teams learn to reduce conflict, friction, and stress to deliver positive results that grow the bottom line and improve the team’s overall wellbeing.

PQ-Powered Teams Modules

PQ-Powered Teams includes modules dedicated to strengthening the 4 Pillars of High-Performing Teams and additional modules designed to maximize team performance and growth. Depending on your team’s schedule and needs, the program duration ranges from 8 to 12 months.

4 Pillars of High-Performing Teams

Introduce the 4 Pillars that are vital to maximum team performance and wellbeing.

  • Gain a sense of commitment to each other’s growth and impact on others
  • Strengthen trust in the team
  • Increase the ability to engage in spirited debate without personal attacks
  • Create accountability across the team without relying on the leader to manage
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Mutual Accountability

Empower individual team members to develop a structure and cadence that enables self-accountability with clearly defined objectives toward outcomes/results.

  • Foster greater collaboration between team members
  • Enable the whole team to take accountability for team productivity and performance
  • Recognize Saboteur interference and encourage a shift to Sage
  • Explore new structures and processes for individual and team accountability
Mutual Accountability

Healthy Conflict

Learn to embrace conflict as a gift. Be a team member who is upfront and direct in challenging each other to arrive at the best solutions and help each other grow.

  • Explore alternative solutions to address and manage conflict
  • Recognize your own Saboteurs’ interference in conflict
  • Overcome Saboteur-led conflict within the team
  • Foster an environment where team members embrace healthy conflict
Healthy Conflict

Earned Trust

Create a safe place for people to be transparent and authentic, admit to mistakes and shortcomings, and feel supported and cared for by one another.

  • Gain opportunities to build greater trust within the team
  • Develop deeper personal connections with your teammates
  • Explore new structures and processes for building individual and team trust
  • Address issues in a Sage way with fellow teammates before they can derail team performance
Earned Trust

Triple Purpose

Enable each team member to be inspired, grow in meaningful and lasting ways, help teammates do the same, and positively impact others.

  • Understand your purpose and how to grow yourself in meaningful ways
  • Identify the support you need from your teammates for your growth and how you can support them
  • Positively impact others outside of your team in meaningful ways
  • Learn how Saboteurs keep you from living your purpose, while Sage moves you toward self-actualization
Triple Purpose

Team Architecture

Develop a deeper appreciation of each team member’s role to increase earned trust in the team and the team’s ability to have healthy conflict.

  • Build greater trust within the team
  • Understand the inherent tension between roles on the team
  • Create an environment of understanding around the challenges of various roles

Energy / Impact Optimization

Learn about the Energy/Impact Matrix and the three strategies to improve balance.

  • Discover strategies for managing burnout and stress
  • Assess how you are currently spending your time and energy
  • Increase your impact and performance
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Power Up Your Team’s Performance & Wellbeing

If you’re interested in PQ-Powered Teams for your organization, let’s connect. Schedule a discovery call with one of our team performance experts to create a mental fitness plan that fits your needs.


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