Stress-Free Peak Performance for Teams

Strengthen team commitment, trust, accountability, and conflict management with a mental fitness program designed to improve team performance and wellbeing

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PQ-Powered Teams

Sustain High-Performing Teams

Imagine the impact if every team in your organization becomes positively self-directed, optimizing both productivity and wellness.

A follow-on to the foundational PQ Program, PQ-Powered Teams is a proven, neuroscience-based program designed to support teams working toward shared goals. With PQ-Powered Teams, you’ll enhance performance, communication, and collaboration by improving the team’s collective mental fitness.


The 4 Pillars of High-Performing Teams

PQ-Powered Teams not only strengthens individual performance but also improves productivity across your organization. Teams learn to reduce conflict, friction, and stress to deliver positive results that grow the bottom line and improve the team’s overall wellbeing.

Power Up Your Team's Performance & Wellbeing

If you’re interested in PQ-Powered Teams for your organization, let’s connect. Schedule a discovery call with one of our team performance experts to create a mental fitness plan that fits your needs.


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