Tony Robbins Praises Positive Intelligence

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Tony Robbins has praised Positive Intelligence in his blog on leadership.  He writes:

“There’s a great new book out called Positive Intelligence by a friend of mine, Shirzad Chamine.  In it, he shows that the amount of true potential that we realize is really controlled by how often our brain works to serve us versus conflict with our core desires and needs. We all have parts of ourselves that are overly judgmental, fearful, controlling, hyper-vigilant, etc. Shirzad calls these “Saboteurs” and he says that if we don’t learn to weaken these Saboteurs, it is hard to have emotional mastery or maximum psychological power as a leader.  He also acknowledges that we all have parts inside ourselves that are also bold, creative, curious, and determined. He calls these parts of our personality “the Sage.” Whatever you want to call it, you know that there’s a part of you that can find answers even in the most dire situations. Training yourself so that you are emotionally fit, so you can tap into the power of the Sage in you—instead of letting the part that’s constantly judging yourself interfere—will enable you to make a valuable contribution. Learning to change this in a matter of seconds is an extraordinarily valuable skill that anyone can learn.”

You can find Tony’s full blog post at Tony Robbins Blog.