Stress-Free Peak Performance for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

Unlock your team’s full potential with a mental fitness program that strengthens the mind at the root cause level for sustainable success

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Develop Critical Skills for Long-Term Success

As a small to medium-sized business, you understand the significance of strategic frameworks. The PQ Program for mental fitness seamlessly integrates into your existing business operating system to increase your company’s traction and success.

Positive Intelligence has improved performance, relationships, and wellbeing for

  • More than 1 million participants from 100+ countries
  • Inc. 5000 companies
  • Great Place To Work® certified companies
  • Hundreds of CEOs and executives
  • Vistage® CEO members
  • YPO Families and Forums
  • Companies running on EOS®

Increase Mental Fitness to Drive Your Business Forward

When you are physically fit, you can climb a steep hill with little physical stress. The same is true for mental fitness. When you’re mentally fit, you can navigate life’s challenges with less stress and conflict.

Teams with high levels of mental fitness are less vulnerable to stress, disengagement, burnout, and turnover. Positive Intelligence® (PQ) is your partner in creating a mental fitness program with lasting, measurable results.

Through 15 minutes a day of app-guided practice, your team can intercept sabotaging thought patterns to strengthen team dynamics and achieve peak performance and wellbeing.


Maximize Your Team’s Impact With Positive Intelligence*

The PQ Program strengthens the following key areas for businesses:

  • Change Management
  • Collaboration & Teamwork
  • Conflict Management
  • Communication

*Based on survey results from cohort of >2000 Positive Intelligence Program participants after six weeks of mental fitness training

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experience EQ growth



are better at teamwork and collaboration



manage stress better



improve transparency



are better at change management



are better at conflict management

Mental Fitness Success Story

Turo’s strategic decision to partner with Positive Intelligence fosters a more engaged, resilient, agile workforce poised for continued expansion. See how Turo drives a culture of employee development with the PQ Program.

The Cost of Doing Nothing to Improve Mental Fitness

  • Stress

    Half of employees say they lose between one to five hours of work to stress each week.1

  • Disengagement

    An actively disengaged employee costs their employer around 34% of their annual salary per year.2

  • Burnout

    Employees who are burned out are 3.4 times more likely to look for a new job in the next year.3

  • Turnover

    It costs a business around 400% of a high-level employee’s annual salary to replace them.4

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The PQ Program systematically builds the pillars of mental fitness to create sustained improvements in performance, engagement, wellbeing, and relationships, while establishing a growth mindset across your organization.

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