Driving Employee Development Amid Rapid Growth

Positive Intelligence® provides a development program for Turo employees around the world

Turo introduced the Positive Intelligence (PQ) Program for mental fitness in October of 2022. The program gives employees, also known as Turists, the gift of prioritizing personal and professional development amid rapid business growth.

“We’re always making investments in our people and looking for ways to help differentiate as an employer,” says Lorie Boyd, Chief People Officer at Turo. “We felt that when it came to our employees and their self-care, that needed to be a priority. We liked the idea of giving them resources to develop better and stronger relationships, not just outside of the workplace but also inside.”

Turo’s strategic decision to partner with Positive Intelligence fosters a more engaged, resilient, agile workforce poised for continued expansion.

PQ Program Impact Among Turo Participants



improved their emotional intelligence



use mental and emotional energy more effectively



are better at coaching and inspiring others



manage personal relationship conflicts better



manage stress better

The PQ Program is offered as a personal benefit to Turists. The program is extended as a benefit to their immediate family members, too. Turo CEO Andre Haddad says he’s delighted to watch the initial rush of participants grow.

More than 110 Turists plus their family members and friends have completed the PQ Program, and team members continue to enroll in new cohorts regularly.

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Positive Intelligence is the mental fitness program that helps teams achieve stress-free peak performance.

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Mutual Accountability

Discovering the Gift of Mental Fitness

Turo, an innovator in mobility, launched its pioneering peer-to-peer car-sharing platform in 2009. The once-untapped car-sharing market has exploded thanks to Turo’s innovation. Headquartered in San Francisco, the company now hosts more than 160,000 vehicles worldwide.

Turo has more than doubled in size over the last few years to employ more than 1,000 Turists in five countries. While the business has evolved, a consistent values-driven mindset is at the heart of Turo’s culture. The Turo Core Values keep employees focused on driving success for the community of customers.

Haddad discovered Positive Intelligence on his 50th birthday when a close friend gifted him the Positive Intelligence book and the PQ Program for mental fitness.

The Goal

Strengthen performance, relationships, and wellbeing by investing in employee development

After having such a powerful experience with the PQ Program, Haddad determined the program could provide significant value and impact for the employees at Turo.

  • Context

    Turo’s aim is to provide a personal and professional development resource to employees.

    “What we wanted was a program that was going to stick, and Positive Intelligence was the way to go for us. It was very much aligned with our core values,” says Boyd.

  • Application

    Positive Intelligence provides its research-backed mental fitness program with a user-friendly, app-guided, and coach-supported experience to meet Turo’s needs as a global company.

    “Turo recognizes that the wellbeing of employees has a direct impact on business results,” says Turo’s Certified PQ Coach™ Sonya Moore-Wells.

The Results

Stronger relationships, higher engagement, and improved performance through the power of PQ

Employee engagement is a key metric for Turo leadership, and the company tracks this with regular engagement surveys that provide data and free-form comments from Turists. Over the last 12 months, Turo reached a new record level of engagement, coinciding with its implementation of the PQ Program.

“So many employees have shared that their personal relationships with their spouse or their children or their siblings have grown. They are more engaged, and they care more about our culture at work, too,” says Boyd.

Approaching others with empathy

Turo’s executive leadership team agrees that empathy has increased among Turists, as well as vulnerability. Not only are Turists more self-aware, they’re more willing to share and make space for others to be vulnerable, too.

“If we can come together as human beings first, acknowledging our own areas for growth and improvement, and coming with a vulnerability to be able to share and have empathy for our fellow colleagues, that just sets us up to have a winning culture. And companies with a winning culture and strategy are the ones that succeed,” says Boyd.

Using a shared language

Turists are using their newfound self-awareness and shared language to manage stress and communicate their needs at work.

“I’ve heard from many employees who reached out personally who shared the impact of Positive Intelligence in their personal life,” shares Haddad. “It has been a conversation starter with some of the team members who are newer and a conversation deepener with people that have been part of the team for many years.”

Focusing on positivity

Turists have embraced the power of positivity in their day-to-day work and interactions. In fact, many of Turo’s core values align closely with the 5 Sage Powers that are an integral part of the PQ Program (Empathize, Explore, Innovate, Navigate, and Activate).

Of note, developing the ability to Empathize with themselves, others, and customers has helped Turists provide a higher level of service. At the same time, Explore and Innovate have inspired greater curiosity, openness to new ideas, and a willingness to push boundaries to have impactful discoveries.

Improving wellbeing

“The ROI for me and the rest of the leaders at Turo is the testimonials and stories we get from the employees who’ve gone through the PQ Program,” says Boyd. “That’s like gold for us. They come out saying, ‘Yes, I am less stressed. My relationships at home are better. I trust my colleagues more. I have more empathy for our customers, our hosts, and our guests.’”

“If you’re skeptical about the notion of programs that can provide self-help for companies or employees, I invite you to put that skepticism aside and try it out,” adds Haddad.

Learn more about Turo’s award-winning workplace culture and job openings.

Positive Intelligence As an Employee Development Solution

Positive Intelligence delivers a mental fitness program to help individuals and organizations achieve their full potential for performance and happiness.

The PQ Program is simple to promote, implement, and scale with the help of the dedicated PQ Client Success Team.

Program features

  • App-based technology to deliver daily guided mental fitness exercises
  • Unique assessments to help individuals monitor progress and growth
  • Friends and family access to foster personal relationship-building
  • Weekly group meetings (called Pods) to generate discussion and deepen learning

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