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Mental Fitness

How to Convert this Crisis into a Gift & Opportunity

Positive Intelligence

Published April 04, 2020
by Positive Intelligence

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In every crisis, there are a LOT of gifts & opportunities that can be created. But you need to have a systematic way of approaching it. There’s a technique which I teach my students, called “The 3 Gifts Technique”. I want to share with you what that is and how to put it into practice.

Watch my short video message above. Then I want you to apply the Gift of Intention (around the 02:50 mark) to this crisis and create something that’s so positive that when you accomplish it, the price that you’re paying right now will appear trivial.

The bigger the crisis, the bigger your intention needs to be. So this is my invitation to you, to set an intention that’s so awesome and so inspiring that you can’t wait to share it with me and with others.

I can’t wait to hear what you come up with – please share it with me here.