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Growth Mindset

Becoming: A Guide to Lasting Fulfillment Through Self-Actualization

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Published January 15, 2024
by Positive Intelligence

Embark on a transformative exploration of self-actualization, transcending conventional notions of success and achievement.

To begin your journey toward self-actualization, you must first unravel the complexities of the Saboteurs, your negative thought patterns. Next, learn to embrace the guidance of the Sage, your positive self. And lastly, immerse yourself in a powerful visualization exercise that will help illuminate the path forward.

As you navigate the domains of life, celebrate progress, and cultivate a mindset of continuous improvement, the aim is not just to understand self-actualization but to actively live it.

Understand the Essence of Self-Actualization

Maslow’s concept of self-actualization has permeated the realms of psychology and personal development, urging individuals to become the best version of themselves. However, the journey is often misunderstood, overshadowed by the pressure to achieve specific milestones. To alleviate this pressure, one must shift the paradigm so that self-actualization is not a final achievement but an ongoing process of “becoming.”

Identify the Saboteurs

Saboteurs are internal critics that impede our progress toward self-actualization. They manifest in various forms, each associated with specific domains of life — relationships, career, family, spirituality, and wellness. Recognizing these Saboteurs requires a conscious effort to break free from the shackles of regret and negative self-talk. Take the Saboteur Assessment to find out which Saboteurs are negatively impacting you.

Embrace the Sage Alternative

In the face of Saboteurs, the Sage emerges as a powerful guide. The Sage is your positive self, and it is equipped with five powers: Empathize, Explore, Navigate, Innovate, and Activate. The Navigate power is essential on your journey to self-actualization as it redirects your focus from an elusive destination to the immediate next step illuminated by light. Navigate encourages you to find joy in the ongoing journey rather than fixating on an idealized endpoint. 

Embark on a Visualization Exercise: Part 1

To deepen your connection to your Sage, try embarking on this compelling visualization exercise. This exercise invites you to consult your wiser elder self, unlocking insights into how you envision a life without regrets.

Close your eyes and visualize your wiser elder self in the distant future. Imagine you have fulfilled your potential in each of the major domains of your life, you have lived a long and fulfilling life, and your wiser elder self is healthy of mind and body.

Notice the setting where your wiser elder self lives. Notice the expression of the eyes, the expression of the face, and the way your wiser elder self holds their body. Your wiser elder self greets you and invites you to enter a gallery inside where they live. This gallery is a gallery of self-actualization. As you enter, you notice there are several large canvases, each with a different spotlight. Your wiser elder self walks you to the first of these canvases.

Navigate the Domains of Life

The canvases guide you through critical domains — primary relationships, career, family and friends, spirituality, and wellness — prompting reflection and revelation.

Primary Relationships

In the realm of primary relationships, you explore the canvas of fulfillment. Who are you in that scene, and what details signify your potential in this domain? Your Sage whispers wisdom about what is truly important and encourages you to shed concerns about trivial matters.


The career canvas unveils your potential professional fulfillment. You stand before it, absorbing the scene — your presence, others involved, and symbols representing success. Your Sage’s guidance directs your attention to the essence of this domain, unveiling priorities and dispelling worries that hinder progress.

Family and Friends

The family and friends canvas invites you to examine the fulfillment of your potential in relationships. As you visualize this scene, your Sage provides insights into the significance of this domain. What truly matters in your connections with family and friends, and what should you release to alleviate unnecessary worry?


Spirituality unfolds on its canvas, not confined to religious contexts but encompassing your personal relationship with purpose and meaning. Your Sage emphasizes the depth of your spiritual potential, encouraging you to embrace your unique connection. As you immerse yourself in the scene, your Sage’s whispers guide you to what is genuinely important.


The wellness canvas portrays the fulfillment of your physical and mental wellbeing potential. With your Sage’s guidance, you discern the elements contributing to this fulfillment. What aspects of wellness truly matter, and what worries can you relinquish to enhance your journey?

Unique Domains

The final canvas represents the unique domains that you value for complete self-actualization. Your Sage’s whispers guide you in understanding what is truly important in this distinct area, fostering a sense of purpose and direction.

Embrace Imperfection for Greater Self-Actualization

There is one fundamental truth to keep in mind on your self-actualization journey: no human being is 100% self-actualized. Even revered figures like Nelson Mandela faced imperfections and moments of Saboteur influence. The key is not perfection but accepting imperfection as an integral part of the journey. Embracing this reality allows you to navigate challenges with resilience and self-compassion.

Celebrate Progress Toward Self-Actualization

Celebration is a potent tool of your Sage. Instead of fixating on an idealized endpoint, your Sage encourages you to celebrate your progress. Acknowledge the conscious choice to engage in self-reflection, explore personal growth, and actively pursue a fulfilling life. Joyfully ask, “What’s the next step?” This mindset shift fosters self-love, gratitude, and a positive outlook for the ongoing journey.

Embark on a Visualization Exercise: Part 2

Close your eyes again and imagine your wiser elder self becoming one with you, incorporating the ageless wisdom into your being. Feel the connection and consult your wiser elder self for guidance on your path toward self-actualization.

Come back to feeling your present self in your seat, and spend at least five minutes reflecting. As you review what you experienced, consider the domains you visited and ask yourself which area you want to focus on for growth in the coming months.

Use These Insights for Deeper Reflection

Consider revisiting the visualization exercise, not as a one-time event but as a recurring practice. Allow your Sage’s whispers to guide you in refining your focus and intentions.

Moreover, explore the interplay between the canvases. How does fulfillment in one domain influence and enhance your experience in another? Recognize the interconnectedness of your life domains, fostering holistic growth.

Lastly, share your insights and reflections with a supportive community or a trusted friend. Engaging in conversations about your self-actualization journey can provide valuable perspectives and encouragement.

Begin Your Journey to Self-Actualization

Remember, your journey is not about reaching an elusive destination; it’s about celebrating progress, embracing imperfections, and joyfully asking, “What’s the next step?” With the Sage perspective as your guide, you can illuminate the path ahead with self-love, gratitude, and an unwavering commitment to the ongoing journey of fulfillment.

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