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Mental Fitness

Are You Vigilant or HYPER-Vigilant?

munch scream fear

Published March 24, 2020
by Positive Intelligence

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In times of risk and danger, the way people try to protect themselves is to go into a mode that I call the HYPER-Vigilant Saboteur. This mode puts you in a constant state of high stress, thinking that that’s the best way you protect yourself and your loved ones. But it leads to tunnel-vision and wastes a lot of mental and emotional energy.

On the other hand, my Stanford students call our work “Jedi Mind Training”. When the Jedi is beset on all sides by enemies, she feels calm, clear-headed, and laser-focused, even in the most urgent of times.

How? If you haven’t already, I want you to watch my video message above. At the 02:30 point, I demonstrate a simple technique that takes only 10 seconds, but will bring you immediate relief. It works to quiet the fear-based region of your brain where the Saboteurs live, and shift you to a different part of the brain where your inner Jedi lives. Then with calm, clear, laser-focused action, you can decide what actually needs to get done.

Try the technique in the video above – it really helps.

Take good care,