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Grow offers a variety of work and life modules delivered monthly to ensure continued growth and lifelong application of the PQ Program.

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Grow Modules A-Z

This module is about how to inspire and sustain change using the PQ operating system. This strategy applies to any system made up of people such as an organization, community, or family.

  • Understand how Saboteur contagion creates resistance and obstacles to change
  • Discover the biggest mistake that change leaders make
  • Learn how to apply the 5 Sage Powers to intercept Saboteurs and create Sage contagion
  • Explore how to normalize the adoption cycle of change initiatives
  • Practice using the PQ operating system to inspire and manage change

This module is about how to apply the PQ operating system to improve your ability to coach others.

  • Explore how Saboteur contagion can impact your ability to coach as well as others’ ability to receive coaching
  • Discover how to create a Sage contagion that improves your coaching ability as well as others’ ability to receive coaching
  • Learn a simple, memorable coaching methodology you can use immediately in both personal and professional settings

This module is about how to use inevitable conflict as a gift for deepening trust and understanding in any relationship or setting.

  • Discover how to view conflict from the Sage perspective: conflict is unavoidable and not inherently “bad”
  • Understand the gifts of conflict and why it arises across different situations
  • Identify Saboteur interference that may exacerbate and prolong conflict
  • Explore how to implement the PQ operating system tools and techniques to handle conflict
  • Learn an in-depth Sage approach to managing conflict using the 5 Sage Powers

This module is about how to harness the 5 Sage Powers to cultivate a mindset for diversity, equity, and inclusion success.

  • Discover the difference between the mechanics and the mindset of DEI
  • Learn to identify the categories of advantage or disadvantage in the context of DEI
  • Explore how to differentiate the advantaged groups’ Saboteur orientations from the disadvantaged groups’ Saboteur orientations
  • Practice employing the Sage Powers of Empathize, Explore, and Navigate to improve DEI conversations and initiatives

This module is about how to use the PQ operating system to significantly enhance your emotional intelligence (EQ) to make better decisions, create better relationships, and experience increased wellness and performance.

  • Learn what emotional intelligence is and how it benefits you
  • Understand the distinction between the right brain and left brain functions
  • Explore how Saboteurs can devastate EQ competencies
  • Identify ways to improve your EQ using the PQ operating system

This module is about how to optimize your work so you feel more energized and less drained while having a higher impact.

  • Assess how you are currently spending your time and energy
  • Identify high-impact activities and low-impact activities
  • Discover your Saboteur interference on your energy and impact
  • Develop a current and desired energy/impact matrix
  • Create a transition plan from your current state to your desired state

This module is about how to implement growth mindset in your life and/or within your team or organization.

  • Understand the benefits of a growth mindset
  • Discover how to operationalize a growth mindset using the PQ operating system
  • Explore how to identify and avoid mistakes when implementing a growth mindset
  • Learn ways to take action to bring a growth mindset into your team or organization

This module is about how to raise and maintain your baseline level of happiness.

  • Discover why unconditional happiness is the only sustainable form of happiness
  • Explore what defines your baseline happiness and what you can do to raise it
  • Learn how to surf within your different states of mind to increase your capacity for happiness

This module is about how to develop and use the four pillars of extraordinary leadership.

  • Understand the definition of leadership within the PQ framework
  • Learn about the 4 Pillars of extraordinary leadership
  • Identify how Saboteurs get in the way of being an extraordinary leader
  • Explore the ways in which your Sage contributes to more impact and influence as a leader

This module is about how to shift your parenting focus to raising a child who is mentally fit.

  • Learn the fundamental error of parenting
  • Discover why success and achievement don’t automatically result in happiness
  • Explore how to increase your child’s potential for happiness through building mental fitness

This module is about how to apply the PQ operating system to become skilled in persuasive leadership.

  • Discover the neuroscience of persuasion
  • Explore how to uncover others’ aspirations rather than needs
  • Learn how to recognize the PQ channel versus the data channel and how to shift others from Saboteur to Sage
  • Practice your persuasion skills for a situation when you need to be persuasive

This module is about how to maximize and optimize your mental and emotional energy to achieve your desired outcomes.

  • Learn the two components of maximizing productivity
  • Discover the strategies for optimizing the allocation of your time to different activities
  • Identify ways to optimally use the time you dedicate to each activity
  • Develop a plan for maximum productivity

This module is about how to establish a regular cadence of taking care of the relationships that matter most to you.

  • Learn to distinguish between the strengths and abuses of your Saboteurs
  • Understand the role of Saboteurs in relationship conflict and the role of your Sage in relationship mastery
  • Identify the steps of working through healthy conflict
  • Establish an annual, weekly, and daily cadence for relationship mastery

This module is about how to recover faster from setbacks by applying the PQ operating system.

  • Identify how your Saboteurs interfere with your resilience
  • Understand the neuroscience of PQ Reps and how they rewire the brain for faster recovery from hijacks
  • Discover the misperception about resilience that leads to burnout
  • Learn ways to improve your resilience using the PQ operating system

This module is about preparing yourself to look back at the end of your life feeling no regrets.

  • Learn how mental fitness can help you on your journey to self-actualization
  • Explore how to expose the biggest lie you tell yourself
  • Discover how you are sabotaging your own self-actualization
  • Understand the importance of celebrating progress and embracing imperfection on the journey to self-actualization

This module is about learning how Saboteurs generate stress and how to overcome the impact.

  • Understand the anatomy of stress, including where, how, and why stress arises
  • Identify the Judge and other top accomplice Saboteurs to unveil the source of stress
  • Learn stress management strategies, starting with identifying Saboteur lies, the truth behind Saboteur interferences, and contemplation exercises to ameliorate Saboteur intrusions

This module is about applying the PQ operating system to two aspects of wellness — improving sleep and minimizing phobias and fears.

  • Learn about the three phases of sleep and why they are important
  • Discover the best practices to have better sleep
  • Explore the systematic desensitization technique for minimizing phobias and fears