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Would it be your most intimate relationship, coaching practice, business development, physical or mental wellness, or impact? You get to choose.

The PQ Mastery Program is a six-month intensive experience that is called life-changing and transformational by every single participant. Three elements enable this extraordinary outcome:

Embodiment of PQ

Shirzad has recorded new audio to guide you through deep embodiment exercises for each of the Saboteurs, each Sage power, and the Sage on the whole. These embodiment exercises lead to profound revelations and a more visceral, immediate, and effortless ability to shift from Saboteur to Sage. This is analogous to moving from an in-your-head understanding of the physics of balance, to in-your-body effortless balancing of a bicycle. In PQ Mastery, you experience the profound power of your Sage in ease and flow.

Consistent Practice

This is a six-month hero’s journey where you embark on a Quest of your own choosing that both requires and enables the transformation you seek. This Quest should be both energizing and challenging, one that would be impossible to achieve without significant growth (transformation) of your PQ powers, and without significant support from your “allies.” You get to practice your PQ powers every day as you make progress on your Quest.

PQ Mastery Circle

You get to do this with up to 11 others who become your allies on your journey, as you are on theirs. This Circle, led live by the Firekeepers, creates a Sage contagion that enables each member to go much further and deeper than possible alone. You feel the power of this circle behind you not just during the weekly meetings, but also every day in between.

Some Common Experiences Include

Discovery of all 10 Saboteurs

Through the embodiment exercises, you discover that you actually have an element of each of the 10 Saboteurs, most of which have been well-hidden. Exposing this hidden self-sabotage results in immediate lessening of their negative power.

Energizing each Sage Power

You get far greater access to each of your Sage Powers and experience their profound impact on how you handle challenges.

Relationship with Self

You experience greater love and appreciation for yourself and beauty and wisdom of your Sage. You deeply experience the essence of “I’m the one I’ve been waiting for.”

Relationship with Others

Many participants focus on and report great progress in the most important relationships of their lives.

Coaching Mastery

Your coaching is elevated to an entirely new level of mastery due to far deeper and more nuanced understanding of all of the PQ elements and your own deeper Sage presence


You develop more consistent daily PQ practices that significantly improve both your physical and mental wellness.


You shatter limiting beliefs about your true powers and capacity for impact in this world.

We want you to hear from our Circle Leaders!

We are so excited to introduce our 15 Firekeepers.

The vision for developing Firekeepers is for others in the PQ community to hold this body of work in complete integrity so that our massive movement to heal our planet becomes self-sustaining and will continue to thrive.

Amy Yip

Bill Carmody

David Fisher

Farnia Fresnel

Sue Mann

Mackenzie Hawkins

PQ Mastery Program Structure

Weekly Circle Meeting

You will participate in the program with up to 11 other coaches for six months. We call this your PQ Mastery Circle to emphasize the powerful role the circle plays to ensure each member’s transformation. Every week, you will meet as a circle for a 2-hour live session.

These live sessions are led by one of our 15 Firekeepers. Firekeepers meet weekly with Shirzad to ensure the vibrancy of each circle and prepare for the next week.

Your weekly circle meetings will be recorded in part to help your Firekeeper and in part to help anyone in the circle who might have missed the session.

Experiential Learning

The most critical component of most live sessions is the closed-eye embodiment process guided by a Shirzad recording. The second key element of most sessions is the learning that follows these powerful embodiment experiences as people share deep Sage revelations and generate Sage contagion.

These live sessions do not include a lot of instructor-led teaching. The learning is almost entirely experiential through the embodiment and collective sharing in the live sessions and in applying the learnings to make progress on your quest.

Weekly Themes

Each week has a different theme. For example, on the Activate week, you’ll be asked to review the Activate Video that is already in the learning hub prior to attending the live circle session. During the live session, you’ll gain greater access than ever before to your Activate power, through the embodiment exercise.


Pod Meetings

You will meet with your Pod (of 2-3) sometime after the live session for an hour to plan for the week’s practice. The practice always revolves around “how do I apply this week’s theme to make progress on my quest and in my life.” Pods learn to hold “Sage accountability,” which is both loving and fierce.

Daily Check-in

You learn to do a quick (1-minute) online check-in with the circle daily, so everyone gets to feel the powerful presence of everyone else on their challenging quests.

6-Month Money-Back Guarantee

We are confident that your experience in a PQ Mastery Circle will be life changing! So confident, in fact, that we’ll refund your entire investment if you’re not satisfied with your results by the end of the program.

When is the last time you were able to consume an entire product and offered a full refund?

At the conclusion of your 6-month PQ Mastery Circle journey, you may request a full refund, as long as you meet the following terms:

  • Your attendance matters. You must attend a minimum of 21 out of the 25 sessions live, and watch the full recording of any missed sessions.
  • Participate with your pod. You will be assigned to a pod during your 6-month journey. Regular attendance and participation in these weekly pod meetings is expected and an important part of your journey.
  • Come prepared. You’ll be asked to watch a 1-hour video prior to attending most of the weekly sessions. Coming prepared means completing your homework.

Your refund request should be submitted within 10 days from the completion of the program via email to [email protected]

Kris Indahl

Jim Milner

Mary Olk

Niamh Jordan

Pam Solberg-Tapper

Robbi Nierenberg

Romina Piersanti

Jeff Staggs

Wendy Swire

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if the PQ Mastery Program is right for me?

The PQ Mastery Program Is Right For You If You…

  • Desire to live in your Sage and embody the work of mental fitness
  • Are ready to take your life to the next level
  • Are prepared to challenge yourself in a meaningful and provocative way
  • Are done allowing your Saboteurs to prevent you from having the life you choose
  • Desire to begin your journey of Self-Actualization and Self-Mastery

The PQ Mastery Program Is NOT Right For You If You…

  • Are seeking yet another achievement (Please say NO to your Hyper-Achiever)
  • Are only curious what this program is about (Not a shiny object for your Restless)
  • Are not committed to taking yourself on (No judgements from your Judge)
  • Are planning on doing the minimum requirements (Transformation means going all in)
  • Are not willing to make the time necessary to embody this work.

Not Sure?
If you are on the fence, the best possible way to decide is to do a long (12-minutes or longer) PQ Gym session and listen to your Sage. Your Sage will know what is best for you.

What Is The Investment In A PQ Mastery Program?
Your investment for this 6-month journey is $6,000, payable in 2 monthly payments.

What is the value of living your best Sage life?? What more would you accomplish, if your performance were the highest you’ve ever experienced? How would it feel to deepen the love and connection in your most important relationships? What is the value of your own health and wellbeing as you live your life in Sage?

When will my PQ Mastery Circle meet?
During your registration process, you will select possible meeting times that work for you. Please note, your selections do not guarantee you that time. Meeting time slots will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, so complete the registration ASAP.

The PQ Mastery Program starts the first week of October 2022 and runs through the last week of March 2023. Participants have the choice of selecting ONE reoccurring session for the same day & time each week.

We have provided a variety of options to accommodate the global community, but space is limited and these workshops will fill up quickly.

The PQ Mastery Program has a total of 180 seats. Please find the number of remaining seats and their corresponding time slots below. Enroll to secure your spot today!

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